The Eternity Group

In March 1989, Eternity Group established its first office in Taipei, Taiwan. Today, Eternity Group has expanded and now operates 15 offices in Greater China and Panama in conjunction with a comprehensive network of agents around the globe. Eternity Group specializes in providing all modes of transportation services in the Asia Pacific region to and from the Caribbean, Central and South America.

Through out the years, Eternity Group has developed an outstanding reputation in the industry and the group was built on the philosophy of a total service concept geared to expectations. Such achievement is mainly attributable to the quality services Eternity has been rendering.

While maintaining the service quality, Eternity Group always tries to implement the most contemporary technology and software to guarantee a better cargo handling and follow up.

In addition to the technology and software, Eternity Group believes that a service company means human relations through a qualified staff. Everyone in the Group is trained and motivated to be responsible for meeting the demanding service requirements of its clients’ tight production and delivery schedules. We are extremely competitive in our pricing and flexible to our client’s individual needs.

As we step into the 21st century, Eternity Group looks forward to grow and to further expand our services to meet the needs and expectations of customers around the globe.



The Group’s mission at all times is to provide a comprehensive range of international freight forwarding services to our customers, through a commitment to maintain a superior level of customer service, and by encouraging employee participation in the success of our business.